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Feng Shui paintings create benevolent energies

On this website, you will find the paintings we created according to the feng shui principle. Here is a short introduction into the foundations of feng shui, this several thousand years old way of life, in order to enable you to understand it and thereby find the best place to hang a painting you may choose.

We will also explain the symbolism of each painting, all you have to do is click on the painting you like. You can also do a research by the sector you wish to activate, to make this possible we classified the paintings in the feng shui sectors chapter.

Feng Shui Artist has been created for people who

  • discover feng shui and wish to be guided to understand how and where to display a painting in order to attract benevolent energies
  • know feng shui and are looking for a painting in order to strengthen a certain sector
  • simply like art and wish to buy or offer a beautiful painting

Enjoy your visit on our website!

2022: year of the tiger

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