Feng shui tips

In China the dates of the New Year vary according to the moon calendar and thus, the new year takes place either in January or February. This year, the new year under the sign of the Metal Ox starts on February 12, 2021 and ends on January 31st, 2022.... read more

Calculating your Kua number not only allows you to know your most auspicious directions for sitting, sleeping and working, but also to determine affinity between people. In this personal part of the feng shui compass school (see also the chapter of feng shui compass school), people are divided into two groups: East or West. People with the Kua numbers 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8 belong to the West group and those with the Kua numbers 1, 3, 4 and 9 belong to the East group. Thus, people of the same group have more chances to have a happy relationship... read more

Sleep is important and in order to have a good night's sleep, we need to be in a calm environment. Sleeping next to the front door or the center of activity would encourage our subconscious to follow the comings and goings during the night, keeping it from a true rest. The feng shui advice is to choose a room in the calm, in the rear part of the house or upstairs... read more

mandarin ducks

But feng shui will not find a partner for me or repair my broken relationship, you will tell me! Indeed, "it" will not publish an advertisement for lonely hearts or improve communication within your couple. But by changing slightly the disposition of your interior, by adding some objects or a little color, and especially, by taking away those objects that harm the element of the sector, the energy that you attract will flow smoother and will thus be more efficient... read more

fengshui mountains

In the form school of feng shui, we learn to choose a site according to the surrounding landscape - hills and mountains: that is the concept of the four celestial guardians (see also the chapter Feng Shui). One of the animals, the black tortoise, represents a mountain which should be in the back, that is behind the house... read more

For the Chinese and feng shui practitioners, toilets are a very inauspicious place. Water being a valuable commodity, the act of flushing away the dirty content of the toilets with water symbolizes money flying away. In ancient times, it was not such a big problem, as the toilets were far in the back garden, but for the comfort of everyone, modern homes have their toilets indoors. Thus, they have to be left as sober as possible, without decoration... read more

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