Feng Shui Artist

Feng Shui Artist

What can feng shui paintings do for you?

In which part of your life do you wish to attract the good waves of feng shui and improve your life?

The paintings are arranged according to the sector for which I created them. Several paintings find their place in more than one sector, as soon as they are subject to the five elements: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. In the cycle of the five elements, fire enhances earth, earth enhances metal, metal enhances water, water enhances wood and wood enhances fire.

For instance, a painting which was created for the career sector, and which depends on the element water, will also have an enhancing effect on the health and wealth sectors, as those two corners depend on the element wood - and water enhances wood.

I will provide detailed explanations of the positive effects of my paintings to help you understand.

You may either click on the sector you are interested in (for example love), or on the icons on the sides:

Fengshui: North sector for career and business

North sector

1. The first corner in the North governs career, success and professional promotion luck and it belongs to the element water.

Southwest sector for passion, the couple relationship, love and the woman

Southwest sector

2. The second corner in the Southwest governs love and relationship luck, as well as the woman and it belongs to the element earth.

East sector for health and a long life

East sector

3. The third corner in the East governs health, long life and family luck and it belongs to the element wood.

Southeast sector for money, abundance, wealth and prosperity

Southeast sector

4. The forth corner in the Southeast governs wealth, money and prosperity luck and it belongs as well to the element wood.

The center, tai chi, for vitality

Center, Tai chi

5. The Center, also called Tai Chi, strengthens vital force (vitality) and it belongs to the element earth.

Northwest sector for support, benefactors and helpful friends

Northwest sector

6. The sixth corner in the Northwest governs benefactor and patron luck, as well as the man and it belongs to the element metal.

West sector for children and the future

West sector

7. The seventh corner in the West governs children luck and the future and it belongs also to the element metal.

Northeast sector for knowledge, education and spirituality

Northeast sector

8. The eighth corner in the Northeast governs education, spirituality and knowledge luck and it belongs to the element earth.

South sector for fame and recognition

South sector

9. The ninth corner in the South governs fame and recognition luck and it belongs to the element fire.