Feng Shui: sector South

Success, Recognition, Fame, Reputation

The South corresponds to fame, reputation, recognition, procedures and law suits.

Its element is fire, enhanced by wood, exhausted by earth and destroyed by water. Therefore it is beneficial to expose red, pink and orange colors as well as triangular features or patterns for the element fire, or green and brown colors, as well as rectangular features or patterns for the element wood.

Paintings for the South sector:

abstract painting red Peony for success, fame and recognition painting for space
tree life painting feng shui success chinese astrology snake chinese astrology goat

The number of the South is 9, and it is thus beneficial to expose nine items together.

Tip :
Find the South

In this South corner, you can install your fire place and display lights and candles. But be careful not to place an aquarium there, as the element water destroys fire. The colors black and blue are to be banished, as well as too much ocher, clay and everything that reminds the element Earth.

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