Feng Shui love:

sector Southwest

The Southwest corresponds to love, marriage, faithfulness, romance, passion and it is also the sector of the Woman.

Its element is earth, enhanced by fire, exhausted by metal and destroyed by wood. Therefore it is beneficial to expose yellow, ocher and beige colors as well as square features or patterns for the element earth, or red, pink, orange and bright yellow colors, as well as triangular features or patterns for the element fire.

Paintings for the Southwest sector:

sexy painting gays feng shui painting love
painting with lovers fenshui for partnership
fengshui symbol love painting dawn
painting courtship dance cranes feng shui family
chinese astrology goat chinese astrology monkey

The number of the Southwest is 2, and it is thus beneficial to expose two items together.

In the Southwest, you may expose items made of ceramic, clay, china or terra cotta, as well as stones or minerals (amethyst or rose quartz), always keeping in mind that two objects should be exposed together to strengthen the idea of duality.

Tip :
Find the Southwest

This is a very good position for the fireplace, lights and candles, as this corner is enhanced by the element fire. You may for instance place a red or yellow lamp into the Southwest corner of your bedroom.

If you are single and you wish to attract a partner into your life, it is important to respect a certain balance of yin and yang in your decoration: it should not be too basic or austere, nor too colorful or filled with objects.

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