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A mandala for tai chi, vitality

knowledge and spirituality

Mandala Samsara

Mandala Samsara for vitality, knowledge and spirituality

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Size Reference Price
20 x 20 cm
(7.9" x 7.9")
MS-S2020 20 € Buy the painting Mandala Samsara
30 x 30 cm
(11.8" x 11.8")
MS-M3030 40 € Buy the painting Mandala Samsara
Size Reference Price
7.9" x 7.9" MS-S2020 $ 24 Buy the painting Mandala Samsara
11.8" x 11.8" MS-M3030 $ 47 Buy the painting Mandala Samsara

Canvas print from photo of original. The frame of the painting 20 x 20 cm is 2 cm (0.79") deep, the frame of the painting 30 x 30 cm is 3 cm (1.18") deep.

Explanation of the symbols

This is the painting Mandala Samsara in the colors earth and fire and a square form. It shows several symbolic objects, such as the yin/yang symbol in the center with its duality of male and female, day and night, warm and cold, etc.

Around the yin/yang circle, you will find the double fish symbol which not only stands for love and union, but also abundance, happiness and protection against bad intentions.

The lotus flower stands for spiritual accomplishment, yearning for purity and any kind of good fortune.

The conch shell is a symbol of protection and power.

Finally, the endless (or mystic) knot, representing the eternal cycle of love, good luck and life (samsara means cycle of life and death, rebirth, life and death again, etc.).

This mandala can be displayed either in the Center of the home to reinforce vitality and the energy of everybody living there or in the Northeast to strengthen spirituality, concentration and intelligence.

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